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 Jaqui Martin, zangeres (2012-2021) 
Naast de vele optredens in Azië was Jaqui een graag geziene en populaire zangeres in de regio.








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The Continental Six: Jazzing it up

Anupama R.

Sankar Radhakrishnan


IT IS a cool evening and you are spending it with your favourite book, sipping some lime cordiale. Just then you realise there's something missing.... What else but music? And jazz at that.

Jazz is often described as the 'foot-tapping' music of the soul. Having floated through decades as blues, hip-hop (or hip-jazz-hop!) Jazz has created for itself millions of fans the world over. And many musicians have experimented with this cheerful mu sic form and even created a jazzy trend of their own.

The Continental Six -- or Seven, now -- are the Dutch jazz phenomenon that plays some really fantastic music, the sort of music that makes you want to do a little jig. Or simply loosen up and have some fun. Mostly into mainstream, swing, dixie and latino jazz, these continental 'jazzies' really have a way with crowds. On a tour of four Indian cities -- Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai -- as part of the Chivas Regal Jazz Nite series of music concerts, the band enchanted audiences wherever they performed.

According to Aditya Gooptu, Marketing Manager-Scotch Whiskies, Seagram Manufacturing Ltd, the Continental Six was "so successful that we will be looking at bringing it back to India for a longer tour in more cities". He says that the band plays music t hat people can relate to and enjoy. "In Delhi people were giving it a standing ovation at one in the morning, and asking for one more number", he adds.

In Chennai too the Continental Six created a bit of stir with their repertoire of original tracks and some popular numbers. And when Jaqui Martin started singing When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you... there was hardly a person in the room who did not sing along. The really great thing about the band, in addition to the wonderful music they play, is that they seem to absolutely groove on what they are doing. Be it Cornelis Florent Wulffers who plays the trumpet and sings too, or Karel Mayer on the clarinet, they all seem to be having a blast.

The Continental Six hit the top of the jazz charts in Europe with their album Roll out the barrel. The band has played all over the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, though this was their first tour of India. They have also played at some of the world's leading jazz clubs such as the one in Klon, Germany, and at the Jazz Festival in Askersund, Sweden, in addition to some festivals in the US and France.

According to Gooptu the Continental Six tour was a part of the company's efforts to identify some great music and musicians in different parts of the world and bring them to people in India. "They need not necessarily be big bands, but we try to ensure that they are great musicians", he adds.

Last December, Chivas had brought the house DJs from Cafe Del Mar, a world famous music cafe in Ibiza, Spain to Mumbai. According to Gooptu Cafe Del Mar is well known for its 'different' music, primarily instrumental. "Cafe Del Mar music has featured in the latest albums of Madonna and Sting", Gooptu adds.